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Our Telemedicine Model

We operate primary care rural clinics that provide family medicine, adult care, women’s health, pediatric care, dental health, vision and we run our own lab.


1. Consultation

The rural medical team uses satellite internet and an in-house developed telemedicine platform to make consultations to a network of specialist, located in city hospitals, who provide their expert advice. 

2. Specialist Feedback

After reviewing the telemedicine case, the specialist sends feedback to the rural team, tailored to their current available resources to better fit the needs of patients in the isolated areas that we serve. The local team decides if the patient can be treated on-site, or if he/her needs to be taken to a hospital


On-site Treatable Solution


The rural medical team analyzes the feedback sent by the specialist in the city, and if possible, they proceed to apply treatment to the patient in order to treat the disease at hand without the costly need of transference to a Hospital in the city.

Treated Patient.jpg

Hospital Required


The Rural Medical Team analyzes the feedback from the specialists and decides that the patient needs to be transferred to a Hospital. The costly transportation fees and hospitalization makes it a highly inefficient solution.

Patient Transfer.jpg

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