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When you give to Maniapure Foundation USA, you are delivering help and hope to the populations that need it the most. You can help either by becoming a volunteer in education, health or any other service, donating money or donating medicines. Just choose what best suits you:


Any donation, no matter how big or small you think it is, has the power to change lives forever. Make a change on the lives of those who need your help.

Share your Talent

If you have talent in education or health related services, or you like painting or even if you are an expert in Microfinance, you can apply for a volunteering experience with us

Send Medicines

Venezuelans are going through a humanitarian crisis, here are some medicines and supplies you can send to help save lives of people in our target communities

Easily donate with a Credit Card


Easily donate with a Credit Card

This is where your donation will go to:

  • Ambulance: The acquisition of an all-terrain ambulance that will serve the rural clinic of La Milagrosa. Urgently needed.

  • Doctors: Doctors are our main resource and their legal wages are very low. This is why we give additional sponsorship to doctors who decide to go for a whole year to an isolated community with no network electricity, with no supermarkets or any of what they are used to having on their day-to-day lives. 

  • Infrastructure: Power generators, A/C units, building maintenance, and all facilities to receive patients, doctors, and interns, including the necessary resources to keep a medical center up and running are in this category. 

  • Patients: If you decide to help patients, know that these funds will be going to acquiring treatments, medicines, and even patient transportation if necessary. 


You can be part of this extraordinary project. Any donation, no matter the size, will help us deliver life-saving treatment to our communities.

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Pay to the order of:


Mail check to:

PO Box 105576
Atlanta, GA 30348-5576


Donate any amount you can through paypal:

Share Talent

In Maniapure Foundation we all believe that talent is the main asset an organization may have. A talented team can change lives and that why we are always looking for talent. 


Either you are an expert building a wall, or organizing a school, or you are passionate about patients and how to cure them, there is a space for you in Maniapure. 


Please let us know what you expect to give, what are you good at, and if you are willing to give the best out of you for these isolated communities.


Donate without donating!

At Maniapure Foundation we understand that not everybody has the possibility to donate. But we also know that almost everybody, if buying online, goes through


For those of you in this category, we have a great and noble option! You can support Maniapure at no extra cost by choosing Maniapure Foundation as your charity at Click on the button "Go to" and start contributing with our cause.

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