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About Us

Maniapure Foundation USA is the international chapter of the Venezuelan Fundación Proyecto Maniapure which has been providing health and educational services to rural communities of the Southern region of Venezuela (Maniapure region and Gran Sabana) for almost 40 years with the following results:

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Inspired by the original Fundación Proyecto Maniapure in La Milagrosa, 6 communities have successfully replicated the telemedicine model. 

Fundación Proyecto Maniapure's educational program includes literacy for children and adults and preventive health care. The leadership training program aims to empower the population with their own sustainable development.


Maniapure Foundation USA aims to oversee and ensure the continued success of this important endeavor.

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Our Mission
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Our Vision

We envision a world where all people, even in the most remote areas,  have access to education and  healthcare.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Maniapure Foundation USA aims to work alongside Fundación Proyecto Maniapure to improve the quality of life of indigenous and creole communities that live in remote areas of Southern Venezuela.

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary group of people passionate about culture, education and health.


Ramón "Chicho" Leal

Thanks to Maniapure our community has had the opportunity to grow, to have access to quality health services, and to improve our quality of life... Thank you all


Adriana Lodeiro MD

Everyone decides what to do with their lives. I am confident that this is probably the most important experience I have ever had in mine. 

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Katherine Gonzalez DMD

There’s this energy all over the place, and when you hear the name Maniapure you feel that it means more than family, work, sacrifice but also humbleness.

We Need Your Support Today!

Our History in a line

Our History
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